• Support for Market Research of Producers
  • Feasibility Studies of Target Countries
  • Providing the correct business connections.
  • Support for Advertisement and Product Overview.
  • Participation to Foreign Country Expo Organizations.
  • Translation and VIP Services.
  • Detailed Study and Reporting Services about the related Country Regulations and Procedures.
  • Obtaining Governmental Promotions and Process Monitoring.
  • Logistic and Customs Monitoring of Foreign Trade Products.
  • Organizations of Export and Import Meetings.
  • Enabling Our Current Business Partners to Obtain New Participations by Taking Place in New Markets.
  • Support for our customers to provide intermediate goods and semi-finished goods from world’s markets with lower costs. Studies of adequate market-adequate cost.
  • Launching activities and organization.
  • Support of branding, studies of corporate identity
  • Support of human resources for contractors and sub-contractors who conduct their activities overseas.
  • Law and Finance consultancy for our investors and foreign citizens.
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