Standard Tank Volumes
From 45 m³ to 65 m³
Type of Axles
Pneumatic or Mechanic Suspension
Accessories / Standard
Safety relief valves, Loading and unloading connections, Safety systems, Emergency stop, Pneumatic internal valves, Level gauges, Equipment cabin made of metal with long-life and ergonomic design, Anti tow-away system, Earthing rod, Fire extinguisher, Ref
Accessories / Optional
Equipment cabin of rust-free material, Hose fixture of rust-free material, LPG pump, Hydraulic driven, Electric driven, LPG hose reel; liquid phase, vapor phase or both (only with LPG pump)- Electric power rewind, Hydraulic power rewind, Pneumatic power r
2 Axle, 3 Axle or 4 Axle